Monday, December 27, 2010

Chris Rockway: Gay for Pay

Chris Rockway sure is pretty to look at.  This muscular man from the mid-west began in porn in 2006.   Is he straight or gay?  Many stories suggest he's straight and gay for pay. Of his name, photographer Jon Royce said 'Chris is such a solid performer with a rock hard body, I gave him the name ‘Rockway’ and it seems to have fit him well.  At first, Chris performed solo and seemed not ready to take the plunge into performing with other guys.  Since then, he's pretty much done everything two naked men with boners can do to one another (and sometimes, make that what three or four naked men with boners can do together).  In one production, straight Chris gets fiucked up his ass by both Reese Rideout and Alex Eden.

"I'm mainly attracted to women. But sex with men can be fun. Guys get so hung up on labels and what people will think of them that they miss out on a lot. Once you get rid of the anxiety of doing something you don't believe you are supposed to do you can enjoy it for what it is.While I'm not attracted to the guys I've been with, a lot of us have become friends and we approach it like some guys would see a game of touch football, wrestling or horsing around. Guys being guys – just in a different way."


  1. Hmmmm... I'd like to play touch football with him sometime, and I don't care which team he's playing for.


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